PRESENT & FUTURE is a nationally known Tarot card reader located in the New York City area. Eva is available for any type of event you are planning.  From corporate events to private parties, Eva is known for her accurate Tarot card readings.  For over ten years, Eva has read Tarot at large events. From British Royalty to six year olds, Eva has read Tarot cards for a wide variety of people! She has also read Tarot at many corporate events hosted by Channel 5, MTV, Google, Facebook, The Blueman Group, Cartoon Network, NYU and Barnes & Noble, to name a few.  She has appeared on MTV's Middle of the Night show where her humor and great advice are spotlighted.  Her clever New York City style makes it very easy to read many people at large events. Eva's approach is very positive and healing mixed with a lot of love and humor.  You can even choose what type of outfit and reading you would like at your event!  Eva created these alternatives to make every event memorable and unique.  She will always work closely with you to create an event that is within your budget and amazing in all details.  

   Eva is strictly a Tarot card reader.  Her Tarot card readings are based on many years of study.  Eva has studied many other healing modalities including astrology, mediumship, feng shui and world religions, which give greater depth to her readings.  Add to that a great sense of humor, and you will find people talking about Eva's readings for a long time!  She is always there to assist, intrigue and find answers. You can also find Eva and over 100 reviews of her work on  She is also available for private or phone readings. Eva teaches Tarot classes for those who want to awaken their intuitive side, which we all have. She can also can be found on FaceBook at Psychic Readings By Eva.  Eva also writes a monthly newsletter about the Spiritual Arts.  The newsletter, Eva's Awakenings, is free. You can click on the link above to view Eva's latest newsletter.  If interested in joining the mailing list, feel free to forward your email address below.  Eva's newsletter is now live on YouTube. On her channel, Psychic Readings By Eva, there are shows devoted to the Spiritual Arts for EveryDay People.  Eva is going live to show you how to improve your energy and lifestyle.  She will also be visiting places and interviewing others in the Spiritual Arts. You can click on the YouTube link above to view all her shows!  So if you are looking for authentic entertainment and real answers, look no further, is your answer.  Peace. 

  About Eva